Art Concepts London

" Unalome " By Emma Stüffe



Acrylic on stretched canvas 



In Buddhism, the Unalome is a symbol for the journey to enligtenment. It reminds us that the path isn’t always straight, perfect, or even in the “right” direction. Our paths to awakening are filled with missteps, lessons to learn, and suffering.

”You’re packing up your sleeping bag, your lantern and your tent, And you’re off to find the life you lost. But you’re not sure where it went, And I hope those mountains teach you, How to stand both tall and proud, That you see your life much clearer, With your head above the cloud, I hope you swim though rivers, With their currents swift and fast, That they show you must be careful, When you wash away your past, I hope that you are humbled, By the vastness of the sea, That the eagles high above you, Make you feel like you are free, I hope when night has fallen,And your fires just a spark, That the stars shine to remind you, That there’s beauty in the dark”.


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