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Delicatesse Roma by Antonio Printed Artworks - Limited Edition of 200

£350 £437

Pursuer of dreams, phantasies creator.
These were the epigraphs that I wrote when talking about myself and my work in my first exhibition in 2010. And they are still in force today.
I am a dream tracker, I like to undress the human soul, show the secrets that dreams hide from us. Reveal the emotions inscribed in our collective memory already almost erased, like words written in the sand after a wave passes. But they persist, they are indelibly tattooed in our intimate consciousness and that is why we can glimpse them in an ephemeral dejavu as they are spurred on by beauty, intensity, and magic.

We are talking about ancestral emotions, the metamorphosis between parallel universes that you could find in the depths of your soul.
This is the spirit that animates me when I sit in front of the screen and try to penetrate the images and contemplate the hybrid beings behind.

- Numbered series, 200 units per model sealed by the author and provided the certificate of authenticity


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