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I AIN´T MOVING, PINK by Lars Tunebo

63 cm x 38 cm
Size framed:
73 cm x 48 cm
50 numbered and signed copies
Pigment print
Graphic sheets
Made of:
Age-resistant acid-free fine art print 100% cotton

I ain´t moving, pink:

- I create my motifs with countless layers and a mix of both analog and digital techniques. The different layers in the work create a depth in the print and the raspy, scratchy and worn gives the right vintage feeling in the image that is reminiscent of classic photography.

- I often work repeatedly with the same motif in different shapes and color constellations where  I ain´t moving, pink  is in pink while the sister motif with the same name is in turquoise. 

Graphic sheet in limited edition

Lars Tunebo is a self-taught visual artist, with the whole world as his field of work. He likes to use strong colors, sharp contrasts and works a lot with the depth and the three-dimensional in his images.

In ain´t moving, pink  is a graphic sheet by Lars Tunebo that is sold on in an edition of 50 copies, all numbered and signed by the artist. The size of the motif is 63 x 38 cm, supplemented with a frame, the size is 73 x 48 cm.

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